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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Füego

There comes a time in everyone’s university career were you feel swamped by the multiple assignments, long essays, and never-ending exams. If you’re looking for a way to relieve the overwhelming amount of stress you feel during this dramatic period of your life, Füego is the answer. Füego is an exciting evening filled with dancing, food and prizes, brought to you by a unique collaboration between CSA and Hip Hop Western. Interested? Here are five reasons why you cannot miss this event!


1. Work off that Freshman 15

We’ve all been through that phase where we vow to get up early everyday and exercise. Personally, I’ve vowed to go jogging in the morning every week since September. Has it happened? I’d rather not say. Füego can save you from the embarrassment of not living up to your exercise schedule. By going to Füego, you essentially get a workout alongside friends both old and new. After this event, worrying about Freshman 15 won’t even be a thought!


2. Impressing that Special Someone

What better reason to get in shape than to impress that special someone? Whether this special someone is a boyfriend, girlfriend, best -friend, parent, sibling, or crush, Füego will prepare you with the perfect dance moves. You’ll be able to whip out these fresh moves next time you see them, and make them wonder if you’ve secretly been taking dance lessons.


3. Food and Prizes

Yes, there will be food at Füego. You’ll have to get energy from somewhere! Prepare for an evening full of dancing and snacking, as well as prizes for those who show the most enthusiasm and effort.


4. Bonding with Friends

No, we’re not talking about those chemistry equations you have to balance in class. You might, however, develop chemistry with your fellow dancers at Füego! By going to Füego, making friends will be inevitable and who knows, you might even meet that special someone. Bonding not only exists for those single atoms out there – bonding can also occur between two people with a mutual desire to learn how to dance!


If you’re self-conscious about your dancing skills, Füego is the perfect place for you. Meet and dance with people who are experts and those who are just starting out. Whatever the case, you are guaranteed an amazing event, new friends, and who knows – you might just bond with the right person.

5. Phenomenal Teachers

Lastly, the most important reason to come to Füego is to witness our phenomenal choreographers from Hip Hop Western. Both Siwen Liu and Tiffany Leung have been working extremely hard to choreograph fun and easy routines for dancers of all different backgrounds. Whether you’ve just begun to dance or have been dancing your whole life, our Hip Hop Western instructors are guaranteed to provide you with a life-changing experience.


Here’s a video showing just how talented our choreographers are:

Also make sure to visit our Füego event page for more details, and don’t forget to keep up-to-date with all things CSA on our CSA Facebook page!


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