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Which department is the best fit for YOU?

CSA Exec Team 2016-2017

Welcome back to another school year here at Western! For this year’s clubs week, CSA will be in the Mustang Lounge on September 18 to 22 in the back corner by the stage.

Drop by to find out about our plans for the upcoming school year and questions about our daily social media giveaway this week! Yesterday’s sponsor was King Richie’s, and today’s sponsor is Chatime! Make sure to check out our Clubs Week event page to learn how to enter both the daily giveaway AND our grand prize giveaway with Bose Soundlink II speakers!

Curious to learn more about CSA’s five departments and wondering which one’s for you? Look no further!

Corporate Relations

Directors: Zoe Yang and Jasmine Yang

Corporate Relations is CSA’s financial heart. The team is responsible for securing discounts at local restaurants and retailers to maximize the CSA general membership value. They are also credited for soliciting funding for annual events, particularly Western Voice, the biggest singing competition on campus. Each year, the corporate relations department rallies up to $4,000 in monetary sponsorship for the event.

If you enjoy working with sponsors and numbers, improving your communication skills, and taking initiative, CR is the department for you!

Member Relations

Directors: Fiona Lai and Teddy Guo

Member Relations connects and builds the relationship amongst the CSA members. Through the organization and planning of small events, we construct the bridge between the executive team and general members. Whether it’s the Coffee House, general meetings, or various workshops, the MR team works behind the scenes as well as on site to make these events a success. In this upcoming year, the MR department looks to expand its role by fundraising for charitable organizations and creating an academic network to assist members in their studies.

If you enjoy fostering our community, organizing fun events, and meeting new people, apply to our member relations team!

Special Events

Directors: Annie Yu and Emily Yau

Special Events is the organizing body behind CSA’s flagship event, Western Voice. They are involved every step of the way, from choosing our headliner judge, amazing contestants, and showtime. This year, we want to make Western Voice bigger and better. They can’t wait to bring together some of Western’s top talent in competing in the university’s biggest and longest running singing competition. If you think you have what it takes to be the next Western Voice winner, stay updated with our social media. It’s showtime!

If you want to organize one of the largest events on campus, work with and meet celebrities, and developing your leadership skills, SE is the department for you!


Directors: Alcandor Lui and Katie Chan

Promotions is CSA’s voice. From creating promotional content to maintaining CSA’s website and social media platforms, promotions presents CSA to the world. Promo teams up with our talented Western Voice contestants and creates their music videos, as well as our recap videos after each event. Both talented and social, our promo team can’t wait to meet and teach you new and useful skills in both videography and social promotion.

If you enjoy filming and editing videos, working with social media, and being part of a tight knit family, promo is excited to welcome you!


Directors: Linda Bao and Viviana To

Productions, also known as prod, is the department that does everything from posters to geofilters to taking lit pictures. We make all the graphics and posters that keep your timeline filled with our amazing events. This summer, productions re-invented the CSA logo that people will be guaranteed to see around campus. So if you’re ever looking for prod at a CSA event, find them with a camera, taking pictures to capture some of your best Western memories.

If you enjoy photography, graphic design, or just want to be more creative, prod can’t wait to work with you!


We’re very excited to meet you all! If you want to skip the lines and pay for online, click here. Bring your receipt to our booth and pick up your merch and wristband for Ignition!

Executive positions are also available for those who want to join the family. Come by our booth to sign up for an interview time. Interviews will be this weekend, after Ignition, on Friday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 24!

Good luck, and see you soon!


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