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4 Things Every Student Should Have

Feeling like something is missing deep down inside? Looking for the root cause? Chances are, if you’re a university student and you feel that way, it might just be because you’re missing out on these four fantastic goods. These are products and services I’ve actually found super helpful throughout my time in university, so these recommendations are genuine. Hopefully, they’ll help you out just as much as they did for me.

1. Caffeinated Chocolate Bars

You’ve probably heard of them. Your friend might eat them. Perhaps you’ve even seen a pitch on Dragon’s Den about them. Regardless of what you know – these are a must have. These caffeinated chocolates taste (mostly) decent, they’re easy to pack, and are relatively inexpensive. A caffeinated chocolate bar is easy to throw into your bag as a snack if you ever need a quick boost of energy. For those who are not a big coffee fan like myself, but need a quick boost, this is a perfect alternative.

2. Dry Shampoo

Have you ever pulled an allnighter and not have enough time to shower in the morning? A container of dry shampoo will save you on mornings like these. It gets rid of grease but it also looks like you just-washed your hair. Using dry shampoo is effortless, and can transform your hair in just 10 seconds!

3. Secondary Computer Monitor

Speaking of studying, having a secondary computer monitor makes your workflow 10x more efficient. Of course, depending on the nature of your work and how many screens you need open at once, this may benefit everyone differently, but personally, I’ve found my monitor to be exceptionally helpful. My laptop is 13 inches in diameter, so I often find it hard to comfortably view 2 windows side-by-side at once. Sometimes, I need up to 4 windows open at once, so you can probably understand how the secondary monitor helped tremendously. There’s a lot of cheap monitors out there, so if you’re worried about cost, just search around and you’ll probably find something in your price range.

4. Friends

Who would’ve guessed? Point is, it’s important to be academically rigorous but try to ensure you’re at least somewhat socially active too. If you’re new to university, I found a great way to meet people was through social clubs. I’ve met plenty of great friends through CSA, but it doesn’t have to be through just CSA – it can be any social club or club in general. I’m probably not the right person to say this given I’ve been holed up in my room before, but the point remains. Go out there and have some fun!


Give these four recommendations a try and hopefully they help’ll help you as much as they have helped me.


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