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5 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s 10:00 pm on Halloween and your friends are waiting for you to go out but you still have no idea what you want to be. FEAR no more, CSA’s got your back. Here are 5 easy costume ideas that may interest you!


Laundry Machine

Living in residence is great but comes with some baggage, namely the lack of working laundry machines. So why not be a laundry machine? And what would the laundry machine be doing without bringing a laundry basket? Grab a friend and pair up together.

Take a cardboard box big enough so that you would be able to fit yourself in and cut out an opening on the side to fit your arms. Start decorating the box until it looks like a real machine! Now for the laundry basket, grab a laundry basket that you are willing to destroy and cut out the bottom of the laundry basket so you can fit your body through it, attach a strap on the front and the back of the basket so it sits nicely on your shoulders and if possible throw in some clothes to make it even more real and taadaa! A dynamic duo is formed!


No McDonalds on campus? No problem.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to actually eat any of the “fries,” but being fries is the second best thing! All you need is a shirt with a McDonald’s logo drawn on, even better if you have a shirt that already has a McDonald’s logo. Stick on a few yellow pool noodles inside the shirt that sticks out behind the opening of the neck to act like French fries and there you have it. Don’t be shocked if you see people’s mouth watering when you walk by. Accessory: Family-sized bag of ketchup chips, this way you can munch on chips if you ever get hungry.


Final Lap Cloud

In your last year of university? Show it off this Halloween with this Mario kart Final Lap cloud costume! Glue some cotton all over your body, don’t forget to add a face to your cloud, and hang a sign on a rod reading “Final Lap.” It’s as simple as that!


Snapchat Ghost

This is one of the easiest crafting projects you will ever encounter so you really have no excuse to not dress up this Halloween.

Throw white bed sheets over your body, cut a few holes so you’ll be able to see, and you’re all set. This will also shield off any unfortunate accidents that may happen in the event that you go to a party.

If anyone really does come up and ask you what you are for Halloween, you can spice things up and tell them that you’re the Snapchat icon!


Bonus Cuteness

Halloween isn’t just for humans. Have a pet? Match!

Pets-tructions: Grab a white pillow and another pillow of a different colour, place them on top of each other and strap it onto your pet!

Humans-tructions: Grab your best black outfit and stick a soy sauce label on yourself! To top it off find yourself a red hat.


Hopefully, this list of DIY costumes gave you some inspiration on what to be this Halloween. Have a spooky Halloween and stay safe!


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