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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Western Voice

As January is coming to a close, the days until Western Voice are counting down. Come out to a night full of music, talent, performances, comedy, games, and more! Still not convinced? Read on to see just why you should come out to Western Voice 2018 on January 25, at 6PM.

5. Support Your Friends!

Ever since November, your Top 10 Contestants have been prepping for this night. They have gone through song recordings at the CHRW studio, music video filming, photoshoots, and practiced for their performances. You’re in for a treat! Remember to like your favourite contestants’ music video on Facebook to help them automatically get through to the final round!

We’ve also got great intermission performances by Western’s very own Hip Hop Western and Western Ontario Organization of Filipinos! Need I say more?

4. Win Amazing Prizes!

We will be giving out various item prizes for audience members. That’s right – you will get the chance to win vouchers and coupons to your favourite places like Aroma, Swiss Chalet, Chatime, and more!

3. Launch Party + After Party Tickets Included!

Your Western Voice ticket not only includes admission to the show, but also includes tickets to Launch Party on January 19th at Frog’s and After Party after the show. That’s the value of your ticket right there!

2. Take a Break!

Midterms will be hitting us in February, so this is your last chance to have some fun and to take a break from all that hard work. Invite all your friends (even from other schools!) to come to the show and to watch some talented performers.


If you haven’t heard… TIMOTHY DELAGHETTO IS OUR GUEST STAR! ‘Nuff said.


By now, you must be convinced to come to Western Voice! CSA will be selling tickets everyday until Western Voice. Come visit our booth at the UCC, check out our Facebook event or message a CSA member for more information! See you there!


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