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6 Things to Do for the Holidays in London

As the weather gets painstakingly cold, the motivation to leave your room slowly becomes non-existent. Trust me, I understand – so, here are 6 events and activities around London that you can do with your friends, crush, or significant other.

1. Winter Wonderland at Victoria Park

Visit Victoria Park between November 25 and December 30 to experience a true holiday in London. If you know where Jack’s is, you know where Victoria Park is. Every year, thousands of lights adorn the trees, alongside holiday displays, a huge skating rink, and festive decorations, making this the perfect place for spending time and making amazing memories with those closest to you.


2. Covent Garden Market

Located right in the heart of downtown London (at Richmond St. and King St.), there are events going on throughout December at Covent Garden Market where you can do your holiday gift shopping (so you don’t end up struggling to find a gift an hour before your Secret Santa swap), or even look for something for yourself. From chocolate, teas, and art, everything is local, so stop by and support some of your local London vendors!

To learn more about the different vendors and events check out their website!


3. Paint Nite

Grab a drink, grab a friend, and grab a paintbrush! Paint Nite is your chance to enjoy unique drinks and get a cool painting out of it! There are Paint Nites at least every week in bars and restaurants across London (such as Kelsey’s, Shoeless Joe’s, Take Sushi, and Olive R), so if the thought of braving -10 °C temperatures isn’t for you, spending the night indoors would be a perfect solution.

Check here to find out when the next Paint Nite is near you.


4. Skating at Storybrook Gardens

Whether you’re a figure skater or someone who can’t stand up for more than 10 seconds, Storybrook Gardens would be a picturesque outing for you and your friends. A 250m skating trail that loops through trees, it’s not your typical skating rink, so bundle up and enjoy your night out!

To learn more about this magical place, check out their website!


5. When in Doubt, Bum it Out

When the cold has got you down and you just need a break from life, your favourite comfort food will never fail to brighten up your mood. So, get together with your friends and spend the night eating your favourite food, watching some holiday movies, and hanging out. Being surrounded by good people and good food makes it impossible not to have a great time.

If you need ideas about what to watch, Home Alone is a classic that you can never go wrong with.


6. CSA x KSA Polaris

If you and your friends are looking for something to do on Thursday, December 1st, look no further – CSA and KSA’s Polaris is a clubbing event at Loft and it is a great way to meet some new people, have an amazing time with your friends, and make some unforgettable memories!

Check out our Facebook event page for Polaris to find out more info!



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