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8 Easy (and Realistic!) New Years’ Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over, we only have a few more days to think about that list of resolutions we’re more likely to break than not. With the whole notion of “new year, new me,” we all tend to set expectations a little too high for ourselves. This year, I’m planning to set simple and easy new year’s resolutions – ones that don’t seem like much, but will better me both physically and mentally, day by day.

1. Drink more water

Drinking water and being hydrated improves your health and naturally flushes toxins out of your body – not to mention keeps your skin looking fresh! Fun fact: infused water, not only pleasing for the tastebuds and the eyes, is especially beneficial because it has the sweet flavours of fruit juice without the extra calories or sugar!

2. Write more

I. love. to. write. Writing is my outlet of choice when I have some time to myself – I pick up my pen or open the Notes app whenever I feel inspired. Since I started writing, I’ve felt a lot lighter and happier. It’s a good way to express everything and helps me deal with all that’s going on in my head. (Check out my personal blog here!)

3. Digital Detox

Okay, I understand the need for technology nowadays – you’re probably reading this post on your phone or laptop! But take some time away from your phone or tablet, whether you’re at the dinner table or the gym. Make some time for those around you!

4. Eat out less

If you want to keep things interesting and broaden your skill set, cook a different recipe every week! Not only will you save money, you’ll definitely improve your diet!

5. Read a book

Personally, reading keeps me inspired. This year, make a list of books you want to check out, and try to go through at least half of them. A personal favourite of mine is Looking for Alaska by John Green.

6. Try something new every day

When was the last time you did something for the first time? This year, make it the start of something new – whether you’re doing something simple like a change in your routine, or hiking a mountain across the country.

7. Learn to let go

Whether you’re letting go of grudges, bad habits, or toxic people – it’s hard for everyone. This year, make an effort to change your mindset. You’ll feel a lot lighter after, trust me!

8. Meet new people

Whether you want to make friends by joining clubs or going to the club, CSA’s got your back!


These are just a few of my own resolutions to get you started on that precious list. Good luck!

We wish you an early Happy New Year – here’s to 2018!


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