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Behind the Mic

Meet Zane and Carol, a dynamic duo who performed at this year's coffeehouse event! Curious about CSA events? “The atmosphere is really friendly and you could tell that everyone was there to goof around and have a fun time!”, says Zane. Future performances? Absolutely, says Carol, “This was actually our second performance so we’ll definitely keep it going.” How do these seasoned performers handle the stage fright? “Well we saw a first year student go up and she had so much confidence so we try to remember that it doesn’t matter if you do poorly, everyone’s here to have a good time!”, says Zane. If you’ve ever thought about attending a CSA event but felt unsure of what to expect, or if you’re passionate about performing but struggle with a bit of stage fright, Zane and Carol have been in your shoes! CSA is all about good times and good vibes! Stay tuned for more amazing performances coming your way at our flagship event, Western Voice!


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