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Crickets, Tattoos, and Dates with Pillows: A Successful Dare-O-Ween

With Halloween right around the corner, CSA decided to take this opportunity and host our first fundraiser of the year: Dare-O-Ween! To help promote donations, CSA decided that for every milestone achieved, members from our departments would perform some spooky dares (listed below). Setting an original goal of $2000, we are excited to say that we exceeded our expectations, raising a total of $2051!!!

List of Dares

$100 – Drink a shot of pickle juice

$200 – Eat Maggots

$300 – Share our Rice Purity score

$400 – Change your Facebook relationship status

$500 – Wax your legs

$600 – Walk around campus in a dumb costume

$700 – Dye your Hair

$800 – Go on Instagram and live and read the Bee Movie script

$900 – Auctioned on Subtle Asian Dating

$1000 – Walk around campus singing obnoxiously loud

$1250 – Drink a Salmon Smoothie

$1500 – Take a pillow out on a nice date

$1750 – Zip tied to a Co-Director for a day

$2000 – Real tattoo

Throughout the week of October 22nd to October 31st, donations were made by many generous individuals. Just as promised, CSA members kept their end of the bargain, and completed each dare, making sure to film each one (for your enjoyment)! The dares were posted on our Instagram (@csawestern) and have been added to our highlights in case you haven't seen them already!

Where did the proceeds go?


In the light of recent tragic events at Western, CSA decided to donate half of the proceeds to the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children (CREVAWC). The centre is dedicated to the development and application of knowledge, used to help the prevention of violence against women and children. Research, education, and community development are some of the approaches CREVAWC have used in their battle against violence and abuse. The centre strives to build an environment that allows individuals to feel safe and respected, despite individual differences. They also work towards creating resources for people that have suffered violence and abuse. To learn more about the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, please visit their website:

Western Voice

The other half of the proceeds will be used to help fund CSA’s flagship event, Western Voice! Western Voice is the largest singing competition on campus it is a chance to showcase your passion for music in a fun and interactive way, as well as enhance your university experience. To learn more about Western Voice, check out our Facebook page:

Finally, we'd like to once again extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated, as well as our wonderful executive team that participated in CSA’s Dare-O-Ween!! We'd also like to give a big shout-out to Western's Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) for the idea since we were inspired by their 12 Days of Dares fundraiser; check out their Instagram @westernvsa to see their own fundraiser, happening right now! If you have any ideas for fundraisers you'd like to see from us in the future, let us know - shoot us a message on our socials, we'd love to bring your ideas to life!


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