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Everything You Need to Know About CSA Departments

Welcome back to another school year here at Western! Although this year is going to look a little different from the past, we know that we’re still going to have a great time together, and we’re looking forward to meeting all of you during this week during USC’s Virtual Clubs Week! Every day this week (Monday, September 21st to Friday, September 25th), you can swing by our virtual Zoom booth ( from 10 am until 4 pm to say hello, meet our current exec team, and learn more about some of the cool things we have planned for this year!

CSA’s 2019-2020 Full Executive Team

If you’re interesting in joining our team, we know that some of the questions you’ll have for us at booth are, “What do each of the departments do?” and “What position should I apply for?” While we can’t answer the second one for you, we can definitely help you out with the first! So, if you’re curious to learn more about what specific things each department does and how you’ll fit into that, look no further!


Directors: Max Fong & Joy Ma

The Graphics Department is made up of both photographers and graphic designers. These individuals are responsible for putting out all the graphics that you see on our social media, including as Facebook event covers, cover photos and Instagram stories. However, having experience in graphic design or photography isn’t necessary for this role; the various directors on CSA are more than happy to help you out so that you can learn and grow! Please remember to social distance and we can’t wait to meet you guys soon!

If you enjoy: taking and editing photos, designing promotional content, and or just want to be more creative, apply to Graphics!


Directors: Jamie Chen & Usher Li

Videography, also known as video, is the department that works with Graphics to capture all of CSA’s memories; they take and edit footage of CSA events, creating content ranging from music videos, to interviews, to promotional materials for companies and sponsors. Just like for Graphics, prior experience with videography isn’t necessary; instead, Video is just looking for individuals who are passionate and willing to learn.

If you enjoy: learning first-hand how to create and edit videos, we highly encourage you to apply to become apart of our team.


Directors: Lauren Choi & Angela Mao

The Events Department has traditionally headed CSA’s flagship event, Western Voice. They’re still committed to connecting CSA’s General Members and impacting the student body at large, with consideration to COVID-19 regulations. This year, Events is shifting gears to maintain safe social distancing by hosting smaller-scale events online. With a renewed emphasis on charitable proceeds, they’ll be responsible for planning and executing opportunities for our GMs to get to know one another. We hope you stay safe this school year and we’re excited to meet you soon!

If you enjoy: facilitating large-scale events, organizing charitable initiatives, and developing your leadership skills, Events is the department for you!


Directors: Rainey Guo & Allan Wu

CSA’s Marketing Department is responsible for all of CSA’s public-facing aspects; these are the friendly faces behind our Instagram, Facebook, and this very blog! This department is responsible for brainstorming and executing social media campaigns to engage our community, and bring awareness to a variety of issues. The content creation you can expect from Marketing includes fun listicles, sentimental letters, promoting education on certain topics, and whatever else your heart desires!

If you enjoy: contributing to social media platforms (we’re looking for some TikTok creators), writing blog content, and connecting with our general members, interview to become a Marketing executive!

Corporate Relations

Directors: Grace Huang & Fred Wang

Corporate Relations is CSA’s financial heart. The team is responsible for securing discounts that CSA members enjoy, by contacting various businesses to discuss partnerships so that all our members can save some money and enjoy some extra perks!

If you enjoy: working with sponsors and numbers, improving your communication skills, and taking initiative, CR is the department for you!

Member Relations

Directors: Hailey Tang & Cindy Wang

Member Relations connects and builds the relationship amongst the CSA members, ensuring that both the internal executive team and general members have a good time throughout the school year. They are in charge of planning events such as our Annual General Meetings, bar nights, and giveaways for all CSA members, as well as overnight retreats and other bonding activities for the internal team. With the current COVID restrictions, this department has been working tirelessly to brainstorm more ideas to digitally engage not just the CSA community, but the broader Western community as well!

If you enjoy: fostering our community, organizing fun events, and meeting new people, apply to our member relations team!

With that said, each and every department on CSA is so excited to meet everyone, whether that’s through our Clubs Week booth, or just sometime during the year at one of our events! If you’re interested in applying for an executive position on our team, make sure you come by our Zoom booth to sign up for an interview, which will take place this coming weekend (Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th)!

Good luck, and see you soon!


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