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How to Ace Your CSA Interview 101

Clubs Week is fast approaching and we’re super excited to see your faces! If you’re looking to join an amazing social club, come by our booth to learn more and to register. You can also get a club membership online through the USC storefront. If you’re looking to apply for an executive position this year and was wondering how to make a great impression during your interview, here’s a breakdown of a couple of things to consider.

Sign up for a Time Slot at Clubs Week

CSA will be at the Mustang Lounge in the UCC from September 17th to September 21st, so drop by and sign up for an interview time. No application needed!

Dress Casually

On the day of your interview, dress casually! Throw on your everyday jeans and a nice tee – you do not need to dress business casual.

Get to Know Your Departments

To prepare for your interview, make sure you do your research about CSA and learn about what our departments have to offer. Have a clear understanding of each department you want to apply to and how they align with your interests and skills. You will be asked to choose your top department choices during your interview!

This year, CSA is composed of six departments.

Events (Directors: Sheerah Lau, Edmond Dang)

Events is an essential part of CSA, as it holds great power and responsibility in organizing CSA’s annual flagship event, Western Voice. It drives CSA’s interest as a social club that hosts events for our members, but also demonstrates our values and message as a whole through Western Voice. They are involved every step of the way, from choosing talented individuals to introducing our annual celebrity guest.

Finance (Directors: Mary Wang, Sarah Chen)

Finance fuels our annual charitable event Western Voice and provides our members partnered discounts they can use all across London businesses. At the end of the day, Finance ensures our members have a great experience both at our events and while exploring London!

Graphics (Directors: Gloria Wu, Connie Yang)

The Graphics department is responsible for designing the promotional assets for CSA, including the Snapchat filters, promotional posters, and photography at every event! Don’t forget to say hi to them at our events and get your picture taken!

Marketing (Directors: Eastelle Ding, Shawn Liu)

The Marketing department is responsible for all public-facing aspects of CSA. They run all of our social media, the CSA blog, and official website to generate meaningful content and provide our members with resources. The goal of the Marketing department is to generate engagement through all these platforms and represent the CSA brand.  

Social (Directors: Ronald Cheung, Rita Chien)

If you are interested in engaging with our 400+ general members and planning events that entail to our member’s interests, then Social is definitely the department for you. The Social department is responsible for serving as the liaison between our CSA executive team and our general members. They do this by organizing monthly events for our members such as the annual general meetings, clubbing events, coffeehouse, and many other fun events. Our past events include board games night, a dodgeball tournament, and dance workshop! In addition to the external events for the general members, they also plan our own team socials and internal events.

Videography (Evan Wong, Dominick Jia)

If you have a passion for videography or simply want to learn how to film, edit and create videos, Videography is for you! They are responsible for the creation of promotional videos, event recap videos, music videos for Western Voice contestants and any other video that is needed. Simply put: We. Make. Videos. Check out the CSA Western YouTube channel to check out some of our past work!

Be yourself

On the day of the interview, we want you to be yourself, be relaxed, and most importantly, be ready to have some fun. We want to take the opportunity to get to know you as an individual and your personality. Be ready to show us what makes you well … you!

Don’t be shy to visit our booth during Clubs Week for any questions regarding interviews, or message us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to meet you!


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