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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s finally the holiday season! With finals well under way, you probably haven’t put much thought into Christmas presents. If you didn’t realize already, Christmas is only a week away! If you’re stressing about what to get your family, friends, or special someone, don’t worry about it. CSA is here to help you with that ideal gift!


Here are five simple gift ideas that just might make someone’s day:


1. Warm Scarf

One of the benefits of colder weather is that you can layer on tons of chic winter accessories. The importance of scarves is often overlooked by many, but it’s definitely an essential item. Get them an on-trend scarf for Christmas so they can be both fashion-forward and cozy!


2. Cardholder/Wallet

Both cardholders and wallets are essential day-to-day items that are both simple and useful. This could be the perfect gift – both considerate and practical.


3. Candle Set

With the colder weather approaching, candles are a perfect fit to make a house feel like a home. Whether scented or unscented, candles make any environment more cozy and relaxed. But of course, if you’re looking for scented candles, go for the holiday ones!


4. Mug

Who doesn’t love a cute mug? They can use this mug everyday, whether to drink coffee, tea, or even eggnog if they’re feeling festive! This is an effortless gift that can be personalized just by the design you choose.


5. Watch

A watch is a timeless accessory that can be gifted to anyone. Watches add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, which is one reason why they make such great accessories (and presents). Both classic and polished, watches make the perfect gift for that fashion-forward friend in your life.


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