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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We all know what time of the year it is – “finals season”! In the midst of all the studying, did you remember that the holidays are just around the corner? Were you just reminded of all the gift exchanges you agreed to participate in, but haven’t gotten any of the gifts for? Fear not, CSA has got your back! Whether it’s someone you don’t really know that you drew for secret Santa, a distant cousin, or your even mother – these last-minute gift ideas are suitable for anyone and they’ll be sure to appreciate it!


  1. Make them a playlist with songs you think they’d enjoy and songs they are currently loving.

  2. Grab a jar, fill it with some hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, and candy cane (if you’re feeling fancy) – and Voila! A cute DIY gift that they’ll be able to enjoy on a cold winter night and won’t break your bank.

  3. Grab a mug and fill it with some holiday snacks and candy. PS COZY SOCKS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED!


  1. Keep your loved ones warm by equipping them with some winter necessities – a hat, some mittens, or a scarf (if you’re really generous, provide them the whole bundle!)

  2. Another necessity, but for all year round? Water. What do you need to consume water? A water bottle!

  3. This next idea is one that many people would appreciate and use, but wouldn’t purchase for themselves – card/board games.

  4. Here’s another idea that you can personalize – a wellness kit. Supply your friend with some materials to unwind and relax over the break. Some items you can include is a face mask, a bath bomb, a DVD, tea, chocolate, and a candle.

  5. Know some bookworms? Gift them one of your favourite books that you think they’ll enjoy!

  6. A blanket to keep them warm and cozy during cuffing season (or to share with their loved ones!)


  1. Every responsible grown-up needs a good and functional watch (it’s more useful than you or they might think)

  2. Headphones – whether you want to treat your person to some fancy noise-cancelling ones or just replace their dingy old earbuds, they could definitely put them to use!

  3. A portable charger (get one that holds more than just one charge if you want to go above and beyond)

There you have it – plenty of options to choose from! Remember that the holidays is about spending time with your family and loved ones, so don’t get too wrapped up in getting the perfect gift. They will appreciate it no matter what, as long as it comes from the heart!

Happy holidays! 🙂


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