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New Year’s & Final Quarantine Resolutions

With 2020 in the past, many of us are undoubtedly looking forward to putting the pandemic behind us. The turn of this new year and the emergence of vaccines also symbolizes the time of hope and recovery. Although there finally seems to be a tangible end to this madness, the last stretch of lockdown is far from over.

No matter how unpleasant the quarantine lifestyle is, it has granted us a once in a lifetime moment. Without anywhere to be or anything to do, we all have an abundance of free time. With an end in sight next year, now is the perfect time to kick-start whatever you put off. Here are some pointers to the most out of your new year’s or final quarantine resolutions! By accomplishing these goals, you can set yourself up to bounce back from the quarantine and start anew. 

Learn a new skill

There’s always something you said you would learn but never got around to. Maybe it was due to school. Maybe it was due to laziness. Or you just forgot. Whatever the reason was, I’m sure something specific popped up in your head. Take this time now to finally get motivated to start it up or jump back into it! You’ll be able to come out of quarantine with a handy new skill and a feeling of accomplishment.

Learn to cook

I’m sure many of us are stuck at home with our parents right now. Likewise, I’m sure many of us are just eating whatever they cook. And if you’re anything like me, you’re also planning to return to university next September. Learning to cook is a great skill that will not only save money, but allow you to eat healthier and happier. Having a few signature and delicious meals under your belt may prevent next year’s inevitable ramen and take-out diet. As luck would have it, CSA has some super simple recipes and tutorials right here on our Foodie Friday series on Youtube!

Getting fit with home workouts

The lockdown has become synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle and cheat months. Many of you reading this right now have probably been sitting in front of the computers for the last 5 hours (me included)! Unfortunately, CSA doesn’t provide fitness tutorials or home workout regimens. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and full-length workout tutorials on Youtube that guide you through a complete full-body workout without equipment! Some of my favourites you should check out are the 30 minute HIIT workouts! By exercising now and building up a good habit and routine, you can smoothly transition back to the physical activities you enjoy after quarantine, without gaining the quarantine quintillion.

Clean up your workspace

A messy desk is a messy mind. By organizing where you work, you can immediately breathe new life into the space where you spend most of your time. Keeping a clean and neat desk can really help you get through these last few maddening months (hopefully).

Organize your plans for next year

This might be easier said than done, given the ongoing uncertainty and early time frame. But remember how quarantine starting felt like yesterday? The next few months of returning to the “new normal” will move fast and be fraught with unseen hiccups. Planning what you can now can take some pressure and stress out of the unavoidable crunch time happening this summer (school reopenings, finishing vaccinations, new lockdown procedures). Want to switch your major? Want to take a few new courses that you’re interested in? Want to move back to campus? Start gathering information now and be prepared to have a back up for your back up plan.

Lastly but most importantly,

Continue to stay safe and healthy!

As many people have said, all this work you’ve done up to this point won’t matter if you get sick now. As long as we continue to follow proper guidelines and procedures, we can quickly and safely put this pandemic behind.


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