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On Air: The Best Podcasts For Your Ears Only

Podcasts are one of the best ways to feed your mind. Keep reading to find out about some of the best podcasts out there! These will pair perfectly and conveniently with your commute, workout, or morning cereal ritual.

TED Talks Daily (inspiration central)

With short talks from leading thinkers and innovators, TED Talks Daily takes you through topics you never knew you wanted to hear about. From “3 psychological tips to help you save money,” to “How supply chain transparency can help save the planet,” this podcast will diversify your perspectives on a variety of world issues in unimaginable ways.

Courtesy of TED

ABG – AsianBossGirl (for all my proud asians)

If you’re looking for human connection and relatable stories about being Asian, go download this podcast ASAP! AsianBossGirl is run by three Asian American women in LA working in finance, tech, and production who balance careers, life aspirations, and eventful social lives. Not only will you hear some fresh and entertaining perspectives, as an Asian, you’ll find yourself prouder than ever to be represented in the media.

Courtesy of AsianGirlBoss

Secrets of the Most Productive People (I need this and so do you)

“Don’t work hard, work smart.”

We hear this quote all the time but how exactly do we get there? This podcast will help immensely when it comes to using your time more efficiently and producing the best results in the workplace. Learn about the morning routines of the most successful people, training your brain to be more resilient to failure, and approaching the follow-up email after a job interview.

Courtesy of Stitcher

Snacks Daily (Yum!)

At some point, you have definitely heard the words “Wall Street” and “stock market” in a conversation or online. If you find exploring finance intimidating like I once did, you’ll definitely want to check out Snacks Daily, a financial news podcast. Now before I lose you, hear me out. This podcast consists of short episodes with insightful, but more importantly, easily digestible analysis on news in the world of finance. Trust me, you will be surprised by how much you understand, learn, and enjoy.

If you’re looking to dive into more business focused podcasts, I also highly recommend Freakonomics Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Journal.

Courtesy of Stitcher

Frontburner (because staying informed is so in right now)

If you’re that friend who finds out about a major news event a week after it happened, this one’s for you. Frontburner is how you can skip the newspapers and go straight to staying updated with current events and related analysis. Connecting with the world around you is the best way to start or end your day, and what’s better than hearing it from some of the best CBC journalists?

If you just can’t get enough, some other similar news podcasts I recommend exploring are Today, Explained and The Daily.

Image result for front burner podcast"

Courtesy of CBC News

Crime Junkie (to get your wheels turning)

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes or treat it as a mini getaway from all your life’s problems! Crime Junkie will get you thinking deeper into some of the most intriguing mysteries out there and present some interesting conspiracy theories. Go on a true crime journey with each 40-60 minute episode!

Courtesy of Crime Junkie

You can find all these podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, or through a quick Google Search online! So what are you waiting for? Put in those Airpods and get listening!


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