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Rollin’ to the Nearest Sushi Stop

Did you know that sushi burritos are here in London? Sushi burritos are pretty self-explanatory – it’s sushi in burrito form! If you’re looking for a mega maki roll filled with salmon or imitation crab, you might want to try this out!

This delicious meal has taken the world and Instagram by storm! Originating from San Francisco, we now see sushi burrito shops opening up all over the world, even creeping into our very own London, Ontario.

Try out this trendy food today, and don’t forget to take an Instagram and/or Snapchat of it before eating! I mean, that’s half the fun right?

Here are a few places we know of that sell them. Comment below if you find more hidden gems!


Banh Mi Express

Photo courtesy of Emily Chow

Just a few steps off the Oxford-Richmond intersection right by Urban Outfitters, it’s easily accessible by bus from campus and most student housing areas!

Find them here:


Kokame Express

Photo link:

Open from 5PM – 3AM every day, you can be sure that Kokame Express will satisfy your sushi burrito cravings even late at night! Post-bar munchies maybe?

Located on Richmond St. near Victoria Park, its right off the bus stops of 6, 13, 21, and a short walk from both the 17 and the 2.

For $12 a burrito, its definitely a must try! At the very least, you gotta do it for the snap story!

Find them here:


Bento Sushi (various on-campus locations)

Photo link:

With hours from 10AM – 7PM in the UCC and 7:30AM- 7PM at Lucy’s in Somerville House, snag a sushi burrito on your way to class! They only make one or two a day, so grab it while supplies last!

Find them here:


Mac’s Sushi at Masonville

Photo link:

If you’re at the mall, why not grab one on your way out? They have end-of-the-day sales as well, so maybe good things do come to those who wait…

Find them here:


Featured image courtesy of Lauren Topor Link:


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