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Top 10 Exam De-Stressors

So it’s that time of year again… No, I’m not talking about the Pillsbury Christmas cookies, not the janky holiday decorations you and your roomies are putting up, and nope – not cuffing season either.

I’m talking about the dreaded exam season. Finals for the first semester are on their way to Western so tensions might be running high, cups of coffee are parading through campus, and whether we like to admit it, the occasional winter breakdowns are among us.

But lucky for you, CSA’s got you covered with our top 10 favourite exam-time de-stressors!

1. Face masks

Who doesn’t love slapping on a face mask after a long day of grinding hard at Club Weldon? Post-party nights and post-study nights have a lot in common – we all feel drained and all we want to do is take a nice long shower and pamper ourselves.

2. Netflix

I’m going to go against the traditional no Netflix until exams are over… Treat yourself and get your mind off of your workload. Watch an episode of Stranger Things and try not to wonder why it’s so strange how your T-accounts aren’t the same as everybody else’s. (Just remember to avoid hitting that play next episode button!)

3. Impromptu karaoke night

Grab your friends and search up karaoke versions of your favourite songs. Belting out old favourites is a great way to release all that built up energy. May I suggest a little High School Musical or Camp Rock?

4. Clean!

I know I always feel better about studying when I have a clean working space. Mama always says, “messy bed, messy head.” Small things like making your bed and tidying up your desk make all the difference so you can have a clear brain to power through those Organic Chemistry lectures!

5. Work out

Find the best time in your busy schedule and go for a quick 5-minute run, do some yoga, or visit the Rec centre (we pay for all that equipment in our tuition, might as well use it!). Healthy body, healthy mind. 

6. Eat your favourite snacks

Grab some chips, cookies, veggie sticks and treat yourself while you study. I think a couple cookies after each chapter sounds fair, right?

7. Give some time to your hobbies

When it comes to finals season, it’s tunnel vision until it’s over. I always forget the things that make me happy – like my hobbies! I love to sing and take my ukulele and jam out for a bit. Put the pen down and pick up that camera, sketch a quick drawing, or dance it out!

8. Wine or smoothie night

I love a good rosé but I’m a firm believer that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Pour yourself a glass or if that doesn’t sit with you – grab your roomies and some fruits and make yourselves some yummy smoothies!

9. Bake or cook

I. Love. Baking. Whenever something’s on my mind- school related or not, I always end up baking some kind of desert. Bonus: my favourite banana bread recipe and my favourite cheesecake recipe. If you’re not into baking, try to cook something simple like macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes.

10. Sleep

There’s nothing more relaxing than crawling under warm blankets and getting away from the world. Whether it’s a quick nap or a good night’s rest- don’t skip on that shut-eye! I value sleep and I know I need at least 6 hours to be functional the next day!

Exam season is a stressful time of year so don’t forget to take care of yourself. Put down the books, chat with some friends, go for a walk- whatever works for you.

Remember, you’re worth more than the grades, more than the exams, more than the rankings. You’re human and you’re doing your best.

Good luck, Western!


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