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Western Voice 2020: Meet the Contestants

Get excited because Western Voice is right around the corner! This year’s show will be more exciting and talented than ever with our AMAZING contestant lineup—let’s get to know them a little bit more.

Top: Lorenzo, Greg, Quincy Middle: Olivia, Sneha, Charmaine, Makinna Bottom: Eddie

Olivia Zarboni & Sneha Kurian

What is your year and program?

Olivia: First year MIT

Sneha: I’m a first year student in FIMS planning on majoring in MIT!

What inspires you to sing?

Olivia: My friends and family because they support me a lot when it comes to my singing. It’s also just what I love to do.

Sneha: Music has a lot of power. I think the thing that motivates and inspires me to keep singing is how much potential there is to spread a moment or a message through song. Music unites us; it allows us to connect with one another even in a world of dissimilarity and using my voice to inspire others inspires me.

How would you describe your style of music?

Olivia: I’d say my style of music is mostly jazz/soul, but I also sing a lot of classic rock.

Sneha: I wouldn’t say I have one specific style of music. Rather, I choose songs that have a lot of potential for originality. I lean towards any song that has room to add my own spin and unique style to. Usually, these songs are within the genres of R&B, Pop or Broadway.

What are you most excited about for Western Voice?

Olivia: To meet the celebrity judge!!

Sneha: I’m beyond excited to put together an amazing show for everyone with the other talented and passionate contestants.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Olivia: I’m fluent in French.

Sneha: This is my go-to fun fact because it is literally so insignificant but so annoying to me. I was born with abnormally small ear canals so I can’t wear earphones or airpods because they can’t go in; I have to wear like over the ear headphones….. I mean whatever, beats squad for life.

Makinna Givens & Quincy Griffith

What is your year and program?

Makinna: Year 2 at Fanshawe MIA

Quincy: Third year music.

What inspires you to sing?

Makinna: Honestly anything. I could be walking down the street and overhear a conversation that just motivates me to sing or write a song!

Quincy: Music has been a very important part of my life, so a lot of things inspire me, from my family to my music teachers. Also the musicians I look up to are a huge inspiration.

How would you describe your style of music?

Makinna: Pop Rock

Quincy: R&B

What are you most excited about for Western Voice?

Makinna: What I’m most excited about for Western Voice is the live performance aspect at the end.

Quincy: If I do make it, I am really excited for the final part of the competition

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Makinna: A fun fact about me is that I’m an independent artist. So In this process I have become very into website design, and the business aspect of the industry.

Quincy: I love to cook.

Lorenzo Dimaano & Greg Sykes

What is your year and program?

Lorenzo: 3rd year student in MIT.

Greg: Year 2 of the Bachelor of Education Program.

What inspires you to sing?

Lorenzo: I love being on stage and feeding off the energy of a crowd of people. I was always involved in theatre and music since I was a kid but only really started performing solo in University. Entertaining is always something I have had a passion for so being on stage is nothing new to me, but I am definitely still learning how to master the art of live performance and know what songs will capture the attention of the audience on a given night. What inspires me to sing is simply the excitement and energy of being on stage and chasing the adrenaline moments before I begin the first song. It’s the experience and pride of knowing that something you spent so much time working on is about to brighten up someone’s day.

Greg: Incredible musicians like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and John Mayer inspire me to sing. Also, singing has some sort of intrinsic nature to it that is unlike any other instrument, making it incredibly enjoyable to do.

How would you describe your style of music?

Lorenzo: Definitely can’t ignore that I get most of my inspiration from Ed Sheeran. I like to think of my music as acoustic pop, sometimes acoustic hip pop if I feel like throwing in a bit of a rap vibe in the song. I write about love (as anyone with a guitar does), but most importantly I write songs that I like. I know my style of music isn’t for everyone but if I can write a song that I enjoy playing alone in my room, on my own time, then it’s good enough for me to try it out on stage. If people like it, then even better.

Greg: My style of music is nothing more than an honest expression of what I’m feeling at that moment. Most of the time the sound that comes out is related to what artists I’m listening to and what life experiences I’m feeling deeply; this is generally something that sounds a little bit like John Mayer because I’m always listening to that dude and I’m always in a state of emotional confusion…lol. Other than that, my style is true to me and isn’t compromised despite fears of acceptance.

What are you most excited about for Western Voice?

Lorenzo: The night of the show of course! The whole experience has been a blast and definitely something I will always keep in mind while continuing further with my music. But as I said, nothing gets me more fired up than performing live. I just can’t wait to be up on the stage right before my song is about to start, and feel myself as I go into focus mode. Then I perform my song giving it all I’ve got, knowing everything has built up to that one moment, wait for the applause, and the rest is up to the audience.

Greg: The opportunity to compete against other talented musicians.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Lorenzo: My first musical experiences came through performing with my mom’s band when I was little. The first time I played for an audience was with my sister singing Butterfly Fly Away by Miley Cyrus in front of 400 people.

Greg: I sing and play the piano in a show in Dawson City, Yukon during the summer months.

Charmaine Chang & Eddie Fu

What is your year and program?

Charmaine: First Year Medical Sciences.

Eddie: First year MIT.

What inspires you to sing?

Charmaine: My family has always been pretty musical, so they’ve been my source of inspiration for my entire life.

Eddie: Passion for music inspires me to sing.

How would you describe your style of music?

Charmaine: Lots of love ballads.

Eddie: My style of music is a mixture of pop and classical.

What are you most excited about for Western Voice?

Charmaine: I’m very excited to see everyone perform live!

Eddie: I’m excited about performing on stage at Western Voice.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Charmaine: My dad’s from Jamaica.

Eddie: One fun fact about myself is that English is not my first language.

Check out our YouTube channel to get a sneak peak of our very talented contestants and stay tuned for more information on Western Voice!


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