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Western Voice 2020: Meet The Fung Bros

After much anticipation, the 2020 Western Voice Guest Judges have finally been announced! Introducing: The Fung Bros!

Andrew Fung and David Fung

The Fung Bros are an Asian-American comedy, rap, and foodie duo consisting of brothers Andrew and David Fung. Based in Los Angeles, Washington and NYC, the pair gained a major following after they launched their Youtube channel in 2011; today, they have 2.06 million subscribers. Some of their most popular videos feature basketball player Jeremy Lin, Asian cuisine and short comedy skits.

Like many of us, their parents wanted them to follow a traditional job path rather than to pursue a risky career in entertainment. They described it themselves as facing a “constant push-and-pull between the wishes of their traditional parents and the new American sub-cultures that they have grown to love.”

Despite the challenges, the duo moved to Los Angeles after graduating college in order to pursue their dreams. Since then, they have achieved amazing feats while doing what they love. Some notable achievements include being featured on the New York Times, the Cooking Channel, the Travel Channel and even having their own TV food and travel show called “What the Fung?!”

Andrew and David starring in “What the Fung?!” on the FYI channel

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet the Fung Bros at Western Voice 2020! General admission tickets are only $20; for $30 you can buy VIP admission tickets, where you get to meet the Fung Bros. Check out our FaceBook event for tickets and more details!


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