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Western Voice 2020: The Rundown

On January 30th, 2020 in Mustang Lounge (UCC, Western University), we will have 8 contestants competing for 1 championship title and for a $500 grand prize!

Western Voice 2019

The 2020 Western Voice Contestants are:

  1. Olivia Zarboni, 1st year – MIT

  2. Sneha Kurian, 1st year – FIMS

  3. Makinna Givens, 2nd year – Fanshawe MIA

  4. Quincy Griffith, 3rd year – Music

  5. Lorenzo Dimaano, 3rd year, MIT

  6. Greg Sykes, 2nd year – Bachelor of Education

  7. Charmaine Chang, 1st year – Med Sci

  8. Eddie Fu, 1st year – MIT

Want to learn more about them? Check out the our contestant Q&A blog here!

Top: Lorenzo, Greg, Quincy Middle: Olivia, Sneha, Charmaine, Makinna Bottom: Eddie

This year’s guest stars are brothers, entertainers and YouTubers with over 2 million subscribers: the Fung Bros! Check out Andrew and David Fung on Youtube and on Instagram @fungbros. Learn more about them in our blog released earlier this week.

Andrew Fung (Left) David Fung (Right)

Ticket Information

Tickets will start at the low cost of $20! There are two types of tickets being sold:

General Admission Tickets

These tickets will give you access to Western Voice and the After Party! 

Cost: $20

VIP tickets

With VIP tickets you get all the benefits of the General Admission Ticket, but you will also get the opportunity to meet the Fung Bros between 4PM and 5PM!

Cost: $30

You can purchase tickets through Eventbrite or visit our booth at UCC. Make sure to check out our social media accounts to see where the booth is everyday. Check out our event page on Facebook for even more details about Western Voice. See you all there!


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