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What To Watch this Reading Week (and for the rest of November)

Are you sitting at home with nothing to do because all your midterms finished before reading week? Or maybe you’re just looking for an entertaining way to postpone (procrastinate) the piles of work waiting for you? Either way, CSA has you covered, with an extensive list of what to watch this month, both in theatres and in the comfort of your bed!

New Movie Releases:

Terminator: Dark Fate (Release Date: Nov. 1) Featuring the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, this action-packed movie is fresh in theatres, and definitely a worthwhile watch. This sequel to the beloved classic follows Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human, who protect a young girl from a newly modified liquid Terminator from the future.

Last Christmas (Release Date: Nov. 8) Just in time for the holiday season, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen!!) and Henry Golding (Nick Young from CRA!!!) pair up in this festive rom-com, and will be in theatres before the reading week finishes!

Charlie’s Angels (Release Date: Nov 15) 3 bombshells (Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Elizabeth Banks), also known as Charlie’s Angels, are called to action when a systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology. It’s in theatres after reading week, but, I mean, the week after is basically still reading week right??

In Case You Missed Them… (catch them in theatres ASAP!)

Joker (Released: Oct 4) If you haven’t seen this yet, who are you? You’re missing out on all the memes right now.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Released: Oct 18) The sequel to a very successful film released 5 years ago, and a must-see for Disney fanatics.

Christmas Classics:

Home Alone 2 Personally, I think this sequel to the Macaulay Culkin holiday classic is even better than the first. New York during Christmas is so beautiful and so cozy, and the perfect backdrop for a little boy’s mischief. It’s my go-to holiday movie for decorating the tree, and the perfect feel-good film for a cold night.

Die Hard It’s a Christmas movie because it’s set during Christmas, okay? In Joey and Chandler’s favourite movie (Friends reference), John McClane battles terrorists and displays a show of heroics after a holiday party is rudely interrupted.

It’s a Wonderful Life In a film that’s so classic that it’s black-and-white, a man named George Bailey contemplates suicide. But don’t worry, that’s not all the movie is about! In essence, this 1940s holiday movie reminds us to be optimistic and shows us the beauty in life where we least expect it.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Another oldie-but-goodie! Not only will this delightfully animated picture spark memories of your childhood, but as Charlie Brown navigates through his bout of holiday depression, both he and you will be reminded by the true meaning of Christmas.

The Holiday Calendar Netflix is the GOD of cheesy Christmas movies; I would know since I can confidently say I’ve watched 90% of them. That being said, this one takes the cake for me. A holiday cynic (Scrooge, if you will) is tempted by some good ole Christmas magic and of course, the love in the air.

New to Netflix!

American Son (Release Date: Nov. 1) A black woman and her white ex-husband search for their missing 18-year-old son. This is a good watch if you want to sit down for a more serious topic and do some good thinking afterward.

Let It Snow (Release Date: Nov 8) There’s nothing like a snowstorm (during Christmas, of course) to bring together a group of teenagers. It’s a holiday bonding experience like no other.

The Crown: Season 3 (Release Date: Nov. 17) After a cast turnover and a long hiatus since the last season, the highly anticipated third season of The Crown returns to Netflix this month!

The Knight Before Christmas (Release Date: Nov. 21) Featuring everyone’s favourite Disney princess: Vanessa Hudgens! After her success in last year’s Netflix original, the Princess Switch, she returns as a high school science teacher who encounters a medieval-era knight, just days before Christmas.

The Irishman (Release Date: Nov 27) The star-studded cast consisting of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci is a big part of the excitement surrounding this movie about a retired hitman.

Atlantics (Release Date: Nov 29) Named one of the most impressive international films of the year, this supernatural drama tells a moving love story that reflects the reality of Senegalese youth who leave the country hoping for a better future.


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