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Why CSA?

You might be thinking, “What is CSA, and why should I join?” We get that question a lot, and everyone is different. But for us, we chose CSA because of the community, friendship, and culture.

Clubs Week can be overwhelming; each and every booth draws different audiences of varying interests. For us, seeing the smiling faces of CSA brought forth excitement and curiosity. Keep reading to see why we chose, and continue to choose, CSA.

EDMOND (Year 5, Political Science) I joined a few clubs during these last few years and when I finally found one I thought I loved, I was told to leave. It hurt but I think it was meant to happen and because of this I was able to find CSA through some friends (who were also CSA alumni). Most of the people I know who have been on CSA would recommend joining the club and there’s a reason for that: the genuineness and welcoming aspect to the people here that’s hard to find anywhere else. This is the reason I kept wanting to come back every year. Like with any club, it’s not for everyone, but if you take advantage of the time you have here, I promise you’ll have a great year with some new friends.

JESSICA (Year 2, Science) CSA is many things to me: a family, a support system, a place for laughter and learning, and endless opportunities for growth. I learned so much last year as a Videography executive that I would’ve never been exposed to otherwise; my mentors were extremely patient and generous with their time, and genuinely wanted to see me improve. The chance to try something new (such as learning new technical skills), being involved in a large production, and being able to connect with a greater community take the cake. The loving and supportive group of people are just the (beautiful, gigantic) cherry on top.

JIN (Year 3, HBA1) I joined CSA because my friend (who is also a director on CSA) was applying to it; even almost canceled my interview because I didn’t want to trek all the way to campus. So, as you can see, I didn’t have many expectations going in. But, when I joined I was blown away by the support and love all members give to each other! I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s true, CSA is like family. The reason I decided to continue was because I wanted to provide the AMAZING experience I had as an exec to the incoming execs and be part of their CSA experience!!

KATIE (Year 4, MIT & Women’s Studies) I came to Western with my heart on my sleeve; it was the first time I was going to be away from my family for an extended period of time, and all of my friends were in different cities. Although O-Week allowed me to make friends with a handful of floormates, I never really felt like I was at home. CSA changed that for me. Three years later, I still can’t get enough of the endless friendships and rewarding experiences this club gives me. I’ll never tire of seeing a friendly face at Weldon, Ivey, or even in Toronto (when the team gets together over Reading Week, Christmas Break, or in the summer!) – that CSA family bond is eternal. This is my fourth year on the club, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the unique yet like-minded team that I call family. Thanks for having me, CSA, and I look forward to an amazing year. ❤️

NATHAN (Year 2, Music and Administrative Studies) I think you should rather think, “Why not, CSA?” To be surrounded by such loving and inspiring individuals who truly want to see you grow. Everyone looks out for each other and there is never a dull moment. I wouldn’t trade this family for the world.

Feel free to say hi to us at our CSA booth in Mustang Lounge during Clubs Week (Sept. 16-20), and check out our Facebook and Instagram!

CSA: Ignition will also be at LAVISH this Thursday for an all ages bar night; it’s free with our membership and $15 at the door. Can’t wait to see you there!

If you’re thinking of interviewing for an executive position, and would like to learn more about the departments, check out How to Ace Your CSA Interview 101!


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